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What is Domain Name and Hosting?

what is domain name and hosting

Not having a Great Idea About What is the Domain Name is Yet?

A domain name is a unique, human-readable web address used to identify a website on the internet. It typically consists of two parts, the domain name itself (e.g., and a top-level domain (TLD) such as .com, .org, .net, or country-specific TLDs like .uk, .jp, etc. Domain name basically refers to the title with which people can identify your website on the internet. IP addresses are how computers process different web servers. But they are composed of numbers and letters of random order and it wouldn’t be easier for an end-user to access something that they are specifically looking for. So, to answer the question of what is a domain name, it is something that is adapted to human readability and ease of remembrance.

Why does your Domain Name Matter?

Maintaining a uniform identity for your brand’s overall social channels can happen only when you can also find a domain name that is exactly of the same name as your business. Make sure that you choose something that is short, has a quirky touch to it to attract a new-age audience while also being easily pronounceable or memorable. There’s no use in maintaining a thoroughly curated website if your audience just can’t remember your name enough, right?

Getting a Domain Name…

There are plenty of competitors on the internet and you might never know who is holding on to the names or who is searching around for the same name as you. The process of getting it is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is go to the registrar’s web portal.

Search for the name and the extension that you are looking for. Once you pay for it, it’s yours to use on your website till your subscription period post which you’d have to go through a process of renewal. A domain hosting company like iTrobes can help you with a channeled approach in getting the domain you want with the right TLD (Top Level Domain) that can make it easier for you marketing, SEO, or enhanced visibility in your specific locality.

Explore The Benefits Of Professional Domain And Hosting Assistance

Here are a Few Things to Note Before You Proceed…

  • Always try to insert a keyword that can showcase your niche better.
  • Avoid misspelling your domain name with double letters or fancy slang by eliminating vowels. It would only give a negative impression to your website at first sight since it would be perceived more like a typo.
  • Once you’ve narrowed down a few options, get your research glasses on and surf around to see if your vision is rightly aligned.
  • Perform trademark checks before you fixate on an option.
  • Choose a registrar who offers flexibility in everything that you are looking for

Things to Check About the Registrar Before Purchase

Expiration and Renewal Policies

You are not going to own a domain name forever. Imagine it as a renting platform, you’re only going to have it allocated over the DNS to you for a fixed time period. Post this, you’d have to renew again by paying the registrar. Always take note of this amount before you proceed so that you don’t face any sudden escalations in pricing when you are near your renewal.

Domain Transfer Flexibility

There are options for you to move from one registrar to the other according to your preferred Content Management System. Make sure you read these policies beforehand so as to not miss out on any game-changer element that might later result in a crucial situation.

Privacy and Pricing

This is just to ensure that your data is in safe hands. In addition, registrars might keep increasing their renewal prices over time just to make their revenue source sustainable. This right here might be why a hosting company can be of better help to you.

What is domain name

What is Hosting?

Hosting refers to the practice of keeping and serving website files on a remote server, allowing them to be accessible on the Internet. Essentially, when someone visits a website, their device sends a request to the server that hosts the website, and the server responds by sending the required files (such as HTML, CSS, images, and videos) back to the visitor’s device so that the website can be displayed in their web browser.

How to Choose Domain Hosting Services?

You must ideally go for a hosting provider who offers the exact bandwidth that your business might be needing. You’ll have to choose a host based on a lot of factors like security, storage space, scalability prospects, and maintenance or other support assistance. Your monthly traffic, load times, payment methods, CMS choice, and a lot of other crucial considerations will also play a major role before you go with a hosting provider. A hosting company might help you navigate through all these steps a lot easier than you doing it all by yourself. 

Explore The Benefits Of Professional Domain And Hosting Assistance

Should You Go for Professional Assistance When it Comes to Domain and Hosting?

The answer is an absolute yes. Since the requirement here is of sensitive nature that can have deteriorating effects on your digital performance if your choice goes wrong, it is necessary that you do everything in place the right way. A professional domain hosting company like iTrobes is backed by years of hands-on experience and has a proven track record of doing justice by its well-envisioned and thoroughly thought-out action plan. Since you also need someone to grow with you as your requirements trace new heights, it is important that the service provider that you hire is also looking to grow alongside you while doing justice to the requirements you have in place.

At iTrobes, we care about what you want and what your business needs. We’d do everything in our place by employing the best minds to get what you want to be done. Explore the fullest of abilities that the right domain name can offer you with us. We are also offering website development services along with SMM and SEO services to care for your comprehensive digital requirements from scratch. Get in touch with us now to know more!