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What is Dynamic Website and its Advantages?

What is dynamic website and its advantages

What is a Dynamic Website and is it Something You Should be Concerned With?

Website Development has gotten a lot of focus in recent years in the attempt of improving the user experience for brands & their target audiences. Any modern website development company aims to design sites that are more intuitive & have the option of viewing on multiple platforms- desktops, laptops, smartphones, etc., and a lot more. One such exciting upgrade to website development happened through the creation of dynamic websites.

In this article, iTrobes experts dive deep into dynamic website development & answer questions such as what is a dynamic website? What is a static website? What kind of website development services you should opt for for your business? and more…These will help you make a better judgment on the kind of website you should launch for your business, if you’re looking to do so.

What is a Static Website?

A static website is one that normally comes with a fixed number of pages that have specific layouts. When these pages run on the browser, their content & the information remain static and are not affected in response to user actions. A static website is easier to create, usually done with simple CSS & HTML in text editors, like Notepad. Simply put, if you want the pages of your website to look different, the HTML code used for building the site can easily be duplicated on all of the pages, holding the necessary changes. This overall doesn’t require as much time and effort, making the whole process much less complicated than that of dynamic websites.

What is a Dynamic Website?

A dynamic website, also known as a data-driven site requires web programming & database designs. It contains content and information that changes based on various factors such as the viewer of the site, the time and the time zone, the language of the country viewer resides in, etc. The text & the images used are stored on a content management system or a database. When the info is modified, changed, or updated within the database, it reflects the same on the site.

Compared with a static website, these are much more functional as they allow users to interact with the content mentioned on the page. This also implies that they require utilizing more than just the simple HTML code. To generate content here, these websites use a combination of client-side scripting (the code which is executed by the browser, such as JavaScript) and server-side scripting (the code which is executed by both). Now that we have understood the basic differences between the two, lets’ look at some of the advantages of dynamic websites that iTrobes experts believe will give you clarity on whether building one could benefit you.

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Advantages of Dynamic Website

Now that you have understood what is a dynamic website, let’s look at some of the benefits of building one. This will help you judge better if they’re suited for your business. Some of these benefits are:

1. Better User Experience

A dynamic website is designed to be very user-friendly, allowing users to easily make changes to the website depending on their requirements. These sites are interactive in nature which lets the visitors leave a comment or reply based on their experience while they’re on the website. This in turn helps the creator know about reviews in real-time which they can then improve upon. Building intuitive navigation, adding and upgrading functionalities, tailoring every visitor’s browsing experience, etc, can all be easily done, improving the overall experience.

2. Easier Maintenance

A content management system that has the database for all elements, (including the content on the page) is used for dynamic websites. They also use scripting languages that primarily interact with all the database’s information, making it possible to execute site-wide changes without needing to do changes one by one. Uploading content, editing design elements or backgrounds can all be done with relative ease.

3. Easy Updating

One of the most sought-after benefits of building a dynamic website is that it lets you update your information/content easily depending upon your requirements. You don’t need a lot of complicated technical knowledge for making changes to the site. In your template file, once you make a single change, it automatically affects all the pages with that specific file. Compared to a static site, dynamic pages can get quickly updated for becoming responsive on different screens/platforms.

What is dynamic website

4. Professional-Looking

Dynamic websites give you an elevated look and seem more professional than static websites. This is usually because static sites lack quite a few features and elements that users expect from modern sites. Functionality, interactivity, and ease of editing make it possible to give dynamic websites a much more professional look.

5. Futuristic

Dynamic websites empower the user to be more involved & engage with the content of the site. By offering them an interactive and responsive experience, they elevate them through personalized browsing. This kind of impactful experience is more likely to stay for a long time as opposed to static walls of texts and images.

Disadvantages of Dynamic Websites

Like any technological advancement, there are some difficulties one can face with dynamic websites, such as:

1. Speed

As a static HTML page does not require an external resource, it loads much faster every time than compared with a dynamic page that is generated server-side.

2. Needs to be Changed

One main downside to these sites is that they need to be changed over a certain period.

3. Can be More Costly

Automation technology that developers require is not always easy to get. Add to it the developers’ budgets, marketing cost, content marketing, etc which are hard to find & you have the recipe for a high budget. However, if you have a good website development company that helps you throughout your journey, this disadvantage can be mitigated.

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Are you Thinking of Building a Dynamic Website for Your Business?

The information above has addressed questions like ‘ What is a dynamic website? ’ and ‘what is a static website?’ and has hopefully, given you a fair idea about whether choosing website development services for building a dynamic website would benefit your business. To re-iterate, in simple terms, if you plan on launching any website or an e-commerce store that you think will require interactivity and engagement, opting for a dynamic website is the right way to go. If you want something that is purely informational, for example, a company brochureware site, then a static website would work just fine.

Whether you’re sure of your decision or have doubts regarding what suits your business best, getting a consultation from the right website development company can never hurt. iTrobes specializes in offering website development services, customized to your specific requirement. Our experts have years of experience and are of the opinion that the best solutions are built once the needs & goals of the business are understood. So reach out to us today with everything you have in mind about your vision for your business and let our team of professionals take it from there. All your questions are welcomed because here is a website development company that looks forward to answering them & finding solutions best suited and customized for your needs.