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What is E-Commerce Website Development?

What is ecommerce website development

What is E-Commerce Website Development?- Let’s Start with the Basics!

The number of online shoppers is increasing day by day, primarily marked by the convenience factor. If you have a physical store, you must strongly consider building an online store as well. Not only will you make extra profits but also get help in establishing a powerful brand identity. Additionally, this is a great way for businesses to reach a global audience with a much smaller investment. The development process of setting up an eCommerce store could be confusing in the beginning. If you are wondering about what is eCommerce website development, this article is for you. Experts at iTrobes explain in simple terms about web development & how software consulting around the same can help you tremendously.

How can You Get Started on your Development Journey?

Simply put, eCommerce website development covers all activities aimed at building, maintaining, and evolving a web store for your brand. It’s a complex process but when executed well by a good eCommerce website development company, these are not complicated to execute. The trick lies in finding the right service providers who understand the challenges and can handle them. Some of the common challenges of undertaking this large project include:

  • Understanding the exact features and functional requirements of your project
  • Selecting the right kind of framework and platform
  • Finding the sync between web design & web development

Although exploring what is eCommerce website development can sound like a lot, the good news is that there are many options when undertaking an eCommerce website development project. For example, building a custom eCommerce website will not require too much money. By learning about easy platforms like Wix, Shopify, and BigCommerce, one can do their own eCommerce website development. However, the best idea would be to hire a good provider of eCommerce website development services in the beginning. When a professional does web development & web design on these platforms, it often costs less with high-quality delivery. Ultimately, these are cheap platforms to use, whether you develop it yourself or hire an expert eCommerce website development company.

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The Following Guide can Help You get Started in Your Web Development Journey:

First, Define your eCommerce Website Type

Knowing which is the ideal type is the first step in understanding what is eCommerce website development. Are you a wholesaler or a retailer? Who is your target audience for the website? And what are your exact objectives with this project?. Once you have some clarity on these, one of the following categories could then be selected:

  • B2C Online Stores – websites dedicated to meeting the demands of individual customers
  • B2B Ecommerce Platforms – perfect when you want to sell-off or promote your business services/products to other businesses
  • C2C Ecommerce Stores – when you use a third-party model to let users sell their products on your platform and make a commission against that
What is eCommerce web development

Prepare Your Data

Before diving into the development phase, a thorough look into these factors will help you understand ‘what is eCommerce development’:

Market Research

Ecommerce trends constantly vary, with new trends taking place every few weeks. Do thorough research on what is working currently for your target audience. Organizing surveys, meet-ups, 1-1 feedback with customers, and more will help you in your development journey. Thorough competitor analysis is also a great idea to keep an eye on what is out there already.


Without a budget in mind, getting into web development can prove very exhausting eventually. Be clear about your ability to spend resources on the project. A smart-budget allocation can help you leverage investment in phases and get your desired outputs over time.

Choose the Best-Suited Platform for Building Your Website

Here are some of the best eCommerce building platforms to begin with:


It is probably the easiest of them all easy to calculate and as well as customize. It offers a seamless developing experience to both beginners and experts.


An open-source self-hosted platform where you get control of the eCommerce design. One of the best platforms with a high number of themes and plugins. WordPress has converted multiple businesses’ eCommerce dreams into virtual reality.


Unlike the other two, a little more technical expertise & skills are needed to develop websites from scratch on Magento. It can be a little challenging initially if you want to update or manage something on this platform. However, it has a plethora of customization options available that let you tailor an extremely customer-centric virtual store. If you can acquire (or already have) the skills, you can go for this platform.

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Other Elements to Not Miss

Keeping some of these tried and tested elements in mind while undertaking the development journey will ease out things for you in the end: Allow for perfect site search with relevant content, customization search, and product catalogs Categorize your products & services clearly Optimization is the key to a good search discoverability Always use searchable tags, common keywords, and phrases that have high search volume.

The Final Words – Get Started on E-Commerce Website Development Already!

Given the digital era we live in, no company should stay behind in keeping up with the requirements of the time. Understanding what is eCommerce web development, how to hire the right providers, and what mistakes to avoid, can all take you a while. But even though the process might first seem tiring, the result is bound to be beneficial. Get yourself a top-notch eCommerce website development company that understands your goals and can help you get there. With the right partner, you will be able to leverage the benefits of various digital tools along with eCommerce website development. Get software consulting from experts at iTrobes who have years of experience in providing top-notch eCommerce website development services to companies across sectors.