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What is Local SEO and its Importance for Local Businesses?

What is local SEO

Let’s Discuss the Role and Efficiency of Local SEO for Small Businesses

Wondering what is local SEO? Or, why should you care about it? Simply put, local SEO is a branch of search engine optimization that focuses primarily on optimizing websites so that they appear in local search results. Typically, keywords that end with “near me” offer local search results. That means when someone searches for something in a particular location, the search engine understands that geographic constraint and offers relevant results. It is made possible thanks to local SEO.

What is Local SEO and Why is it Important?

Local businesses need creative ways to improve their online visibility and reach, and that is when local SEO comes into play. When performed strategically and efficiently, local search optimization can prove to be invaluable for brick and mortar stores and local small businesses. To achieve this, all efforts including on-page optimization, content, and link building must have a focused and localized intent. If you are still wondering why local SEO is important, the following statistics should change your mind:

  • 50% of mobile users that performed local searches go to a physical store within a day
  • 34% of computer or tablet users did the same
  • 18% of mobile searches lead to sales within a day
  • 50% of users that conduct local searchers are looking for information like a local business’ address
  • 78% of local searches made from the mobile end in sales being made offline 71% of users have confirmed that they like to confirm the address of a store online before their first-time visit

Furthermore, you cannot answer the question, “what is local SEO,” without addressing the fact that between 2017 and 2019, Google reported a whopping 900% increase in searches, which involved the phrase “tonight” or “near me.” To better serve the users’ needs, the search engine giant started offering results for geographically specific searches based on factors such as proximity, prominence, and relevance.

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Top Benefits of Local SEO for Local and Small Business

Local SEO services can help your business stand out from your competitors. Even if you do not have a website, it can get you online leads and drive traffic to your physical store. Typically, leads gathered through local search tend to have a higher conversion rate since users perform these searches with the intent of visiting the store. If you are still debating over whether or not it would be the right investment, check out these benefits of local SEO that make it worthy of every penny you spend on it.

1. It Helps Local Customers Discover You

Today, having an online presence is necessary for businesses of all kinds. If you own a brick-and-mortar store or a small business, local SEO can create that online presence even if you don’t have a website. Furthermore, around 72% of users that search for local businesses online end up visiting a store within five miles.

2. It Helps to Find Customers Who Want to Buy

Did you know that most of the mobile users who search for local businesses convert into sales? That is because local SEO helps to put your business in front of the users in the exact same moment when they are searching for a service or product that you offer. That makes them inquire more about your business or visit your store.

Importance of Local SEO

3. It Generates a Large Number of Qualified Search Traffic

Local search helps to weed out users who are not likely to get in touch with you. That is because, from the search engine’s perspective, the goal of local search is to provide the users relevant local results based on intent and proximity. That is why someone who lives 50 miles away may not see your company pop up, but someone who is just five miles away might.

4. It is One of the Most Cost-Effective Marketing Solutions

Since most small businesses operate on a small budget, the cost is often a concern that stops them from hiring a reliable SEO company. That is why local SEO is so viable for startups and small local businesses. It not only costs significantly less than an all-inclusive SEO package, but the targeted efforts also bring the desired results. So, now that you know about these benefits, you may be more likely or at least inclined to try SEO services. However, for the best results, it is important to hire reliable and competent SEO professionals who have keen insight into local search and how it works.

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Ever since Google revamped its local search, more and more businesses started investing in local SEO. From brick and mortar stores to law firms, doctors, restaurants, plumbers, and more got into the action and discovered the long-ranging benefits of optimizing their online presence for local search. If you don’t have an online presence yet or if you have never tried local SEO before, iTrobes can help guide you.

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