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Difference Between Web Design and Web Development

Difference between web design and web development

Explaining the Difference Between Web Design and Web Development

The difference between web design and web development may seem tricky and confusing, but in reality, the two terms refer to two fundamentally different processes of website building. Each of these requires a different skillset by those pursuing & working on them. If getting a website built for your company is on your mind, knowing the difference between the two will help you greatly. In this blog article, experts at iTrobes have explained the two terms, how they differ from each other and what you should keep in mind while getting software consulting & choosing the right partner for building your website.

A closer Look into the Difference Between Web Design and Web Development

Web Design

Web design refers to the visual look one gets when logging in to the website. The aesthetics and usability aspects of a website are the essence of web design services. It covers everything, from the color scheme, information flow, layout, and anything else related to the visual aspects of the websites’ UX/UI (user experience and user interface).

Web designers must start by taking into consideration their client’s website objectives and then head to IA- Information Architecture and set their website’s information flow & hierarchy which guides the whole web design process. Then they create wireframes and finally move to the design stage. Using even basic web design principles, web designers can achieve aesthetically attractive layouts that also offer a smooth user experience.

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Web Development

Web development, on the other hand, is the process of coding a website and building the intended design with the use of programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, etc. Front-end developers work on the functionality of the app/website, back-end developers focus on the website’s infrastructure (security, hosting, etc) while the full-stack developers work on providing both, front-end and back-end web development services.

Web developers, commonly called programmers, take the designs curated and go on to build completely functioning websites. To put it in simple words, they take the design (or the non-interactive element of a website) and break it apart into several components. Then they use coding languages that make the website tick. Advanced developers often choose to make use of CMS: Content Management System such as Joomla or WordPress to streamline development and let the client have an easy way of updating/maintaining their site. They can also choose to convert a static website to a dynamic one by making use of content sliders and various images, active states for buttons and links, and many more interactive elements.

A Glance at the Different Skills & Roles of Web Designers and Developers:

Web Designers

  • Be proficient in using software tools like Framer, Adobe Photoshop, sketching (to build the final layout), etc.
  • Be fluent in understanding the feel of user experience, so as to identify simple approaches that attain the required function. Layouts, images, buttons and links, and the general overall format of the site are all influenced by this.
  • Posses sharp graphic and logo design skills
  • Be updated with the latest design trends. This makes it possible to create a website environment that is familiar to users, making it easy to navigate and use.
  • Be aware of the branding goals of the business. Be consistent with their color palettes, typography, readability, etc.

Web Developers

  • Build the actual interface (with coding languages such as HTML, CSS, etc) for users to interact with a website.
  • Front-end developers may use styling preprocessors, frameworks, javascript, etc, to speed up the process of development. They should also provide markup designs to the back-end team, so they submit all the relevant data on servers and databases and build a dynamic website.
  • Back-end developers build the backbone of a website with languages like PHP or MySQL.
  • Both front-end and back-end developers can also use the same Integrated Development Environments or IDEs- tools where they code/build a website’s structure.
  • Using versioning tools that keep track of the history of the previous builds is also a good idea for the developers as this could help them to effortlessly go back to an old unbroken version if the need arises.

Key Difference Between Web Design and Web Development

FeaturesWeb DesignWeb Development
TasksCreating structures, selecting colors and fonts, wireframing, prototypingCoding, server-side development, database integration
ToolsAdobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, FigmaHTML, CSS, JavaScript, programming languages (e.g., Python, PHP)
SkillsGraphic design, color theory, typographyProgramming languages, frameworks, database integration
Front-EndBasic understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScriptProficient in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and frameworks
Back-EndNot typically involvedServer configuration, server-side logic
CMSUnderstanding CMS usage, customizationExtending CMS functionality, integration
Cross-Browser CompatibilityConsideration of user experience across different browsersEnsuring website compatibility across browsers and devices
CollaborationWork closely with developers, convey design visionCollaborate with designers, and execute design elements
FocusVisual aesthetics and user experienceFunctionality and interactivity


Oftentimes, the small and mid-size companies who are looking to expand their business and get a website built, are confused and unaware of the difference between web design and web development. And while finding a software company that does both is not hard these days, knowing the fundamental difference between the two can greatly help in judging, questioning, and negotiating the service provider better. Hopefully, the above article has cleared the misconception between the two terms. When looking for website building services, look for a provider that can clarify how they will look after their web development services differently. Are their teams different? and if yes, how do they plan on working together? What is their working model like? etc. It is possible, you might come across a great web design company that has dedicated designers who create website layouts and hand over their design files to another web development company that has a great team of developers who then complete the development stage.

Generally speaking, every business is unique custom software development is the key to finding out what is best suited for each company. So, opt for quality software consulting and take your time to understand if the provider specializes in only one of the two aspects of building a website/app or has the credibility to offer complete development. If you’re a complete beginner and need a provider who can help you choose wisely and make decisions that can take your business to greater heights, reach out to experts at iTrobes today.

They have expertise and experience in building multiple successful projects from various industries and can take care of all your custom software development needs by providing solutions specifically suited to your business. You get top-quality designers and developers all under one roof who know how to communicate with each other and together build perfect websites & maintain them. So, why look separately for a web design company or a web development company when you can find one company that does it all? For any queries or consultation, reach out to us today!