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What is Web Development?

What is website development

What Exactly is Web Development?

Any process that goes behind the screen to make the look, feel, functionality, and efficient operations of a website are referred to as web development. It involves different stages like wireframing, coding, development, maintenance, hosting, and launch. Each of these phases is crucial if you want to achieve the perfect website that you want that is aligned in every corner for conversion. There are two phases to this web development cycle – one would deal with the user-facing end of things (front-end) and server-side of things (back-end).

Now, Coming to What is Web Development?

Simply put, it is what gives life to the website that you are developing for your brand or business through comprehensive design, programming, publishing, and database management.

Furthering about the components can be subdivided into:

1. Front-end development

This deals with the duration of the visual and psychological aspects of things that will improve the experience of the end-user while using the website. Simply put, the front end deals with UI and UX. This starts with basic elements like the optimization of images, placement of CTAs, load times of the website, interactive elements on the front-end, ease of navigation, easing readability, etc are all part of the front-end development. A web development company in place would be your best bet to getting all these things in order and converting your digital interface into your virtual salesperson that can aid conversions without you having to constantly overlook it.


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2. Back-end development

Back-end development deals with the structuring of the website that happens behind the screens. The web development process gets its shape here and the developers will resort to one of the server-side programming languages including Java, HTML, Python, or PHP. This is where the domain and hosting will also happen. They take care of the entire website maintenance and operations along with all the plugins and other things that you want.

3. Full-stack development

Experienced website development companies offer full-stack development services where the hands-on expert professionals will take care of both back-end development and front-end optimization simultaneously to give you the results that you want.

If you are still questioning what is web development? and you are looking to build a website, it is only viable that you go for someone experienced like iTrobes in the picture. We are a website development company with years of experience across different industrial verticals and a diverse portfolio of niche requirements. Get in touch with us today to let us know your requirements! How to get started on your web development? As simple as it might sound to get a website up and running, it is not so much easy in reality if you want your efforts to count for something. Yes, ROI-driven websites are not easy to get done with.

What is web development

Here’s How You Can Go About Your Website Development Process

1. Market Research

This right here is what you should kick-start your overall process with. Understanding the market is not just about knowing if there’s a demand for your product or service. It’s rather about understanding the current conditions, consumer mindset, their buying potential, their go-to brands, the expectation they have for the product or service, etc. All these are what a web development company will pay close attention to before they even get down to the compilation of your website wireframe. Segregating and identifying your target niche itself is a strenuous process but it is the most indispensable as well.

2. Updating With Current Trends

There are new website layouts, trends, innovative functionalities, and little progressive updates that are taking place every day in the world of web development. Only post understanding these thoroughly, you’d be able to formulate a website that puts people’s liking and user experience first. Even the typefaces that you use, the color palettes should all be in sync with the current market updates so that you don’t build an outdated website or a site that will not attract as many people on the contrary.

3. Spying On Your Competitors

The question ‘what is web development’ gets its completion here. This is because only when you understand your immediate competitors’ business strategy in detail, you’d be able to do it even better. There are a lot of web development tools that can help you understand the complete core essence of any business website that you are spying on But do note that all these tools come at a great cost and hence it is advisable that you go for professional help who’ll have everything you need.


Elevate Your Brand With Professional Web Development

4. Framework, Building, Testing, and Deployment

All these different phases and milestones are necessary for your website building procedure. Surpassing even one of them might result in diminishing your overall quality. Always ensure that you test your website’s performance multiple times before its actual launch. This would help you start off in a great manner rather than waiting it out to make all your corrections in the subsequent maintenance phases.

5. Side By Side Marketing

Always dive into your process with a comprehensive vision that involves end-to-end marketing visualization. Only with this, you’d be able to generate enough enquiries, leads, or business conversions that you originally did your web development for.

6. Sustainable Improvements, Maintenance, and ROI Generation

Reaping the best returns is definitely something that you look forward to. A website that is simply running is not going to give you that. A website that is optimized for conversions by hand-in-hand SEO and search ads will help you improve your website visitors, their session timings and even lead them to be interested enough to make a conversion or a purchase.

Constantly checking your websites for improvements is something you should be doing. A professional web development company in place will take care of all these stages that your website needs without you having to constantly interrupt and look at the schedules. Simply sit back, relax and hire an expert like iTrobes. We’ll take care of everything for you.