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When Using Search Engine Marketing Where Your Ads Appear?

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Everything You Need to Know about Search Engine Marketing….

While search engine optimization predominantly revolves around pushing your website over to the top of the search results by properly getting every last thing of your website in order, search engine marketing involves spending on paid ads to reserve the same spot. While the latter might seem like an easier option, the sum that you invest to get the reach you’re looking for is going to be a lot more than what you spend on SEO.

In addition, in order to get your SEM efforts to give you promising returns, you need to be focusing on improving your quality score which again depends on how well you have organized all the crucial elements of your website like nailing your load times, readability, UI/UX and overall content of the landing page.

The Appearance of Your Ads

Where Does it Show?

The occurrence of your ads differs from one search engine to the other. But all of them come with a small tab that shows that it is a promoted ad to the end-user. When it comes to Yahoo and Bing, the ads will be displayed at the end of the page while Google shows them on top of the list.

How Does it Show?

The ad appears with the following key elements:

1. Headline

This is where the crux of your offering is displayed. When you hire a search engine marketing company, they’ll handle every last element strategically and also deploy these headlines with relevant keywords on them to reach more people as possible and make your returns worth it.

2. Display URL

This gives the user a clear picture of the domain, sub-domain, and the path fields that they’d be taken through once they click through the ad.

Dominate Online Visibility With Strategic Search Engine Marketing

3. Description

This is where you will explain more about the product or service that you are advertising. You should also ensure that they also have just enough keywords to make your ad take a better spot.

4. Ad Extensions

Google offers ad extensions where you can lead the users to call you, send you a message or visit other specific pages like contact or place an order.

Where your ads appear in search engine marketing

Other Factors that can Influence the Positioning of Your Advertisement

1. Quality Score

Quality score refers to Google’s rating pertaining to what your user experiences through your ad and the landing page. Every last element from your content positioning, CTA placements, image optimization, UI/UX considerations, overall readability, and ease of usage play a vital role in determining this number. A quality score is a scale between one and ten where ten is the best score while one is the least.

Ads with higher quality scores will take up the keyword authority that they’ve been deployed for. But when it comes to commercial high-intent keywords, there are chances that you wouldn’t have the best quality score. In such situations, you should keep constantly optimizing your ads to take a better spot by the day and aim for a minimum score of 3.

2. Interactive landing page

The landing page that you design should be rich in quality and the design considerations should be consistently in line with the trend that is around according to the users’ preferences. Everything from your tone of messaging to your positioning of CTA buttons should all be in interactive ease to access format. All your content regarding the product or service you advertise should talk more about what the customers can get out of it rather than repeating your USPs with the intention to sell it. Prove useful to your customers and you’ll automatically be rewarded with a lead or revenue as you need.

3. Overall domain authority

The domain authority that you’ve built for your website through your SEO efforts will matter in helping your campaign-specific landing pages push a little more and garner wider reach among your target audiences. Always go with comprehensive search engine marketing packages that don’t just focus on making you invest big money into advertising but rather optimize your overall efforts to balance between your organic and inorganic approach.

4. Ad Placements, Keyword Considerations, and Optimization

You need to be extra cautious about the ads that you’re going to create. You might have a lot of products and services that you offer. Instead of creating individual campaigns for all of them, you need to rather segregate them into separate ad groups. You need to pick medium-intensity keywords to direct your ad sets towards which will give you a better edge at bagging the perfect quality score and also reaching a wider set audience. DO thorough background research, understand your market appetite, see what your audience wants to hear, and give them just that.

Hiring Someone Professional to Do it for You would be a Better Idea

There are too many crucial elements that you need to pay close attention to and it is only fair on your investment if you have someone who actually knows how to spend it the right way to get the maximum returns.

Search engine marketing is relatively cheap when you hire someone reputed to take care of your whole effort for you. iTrobes has been doing this for all our clients belonging to diverse niches and has been promising them an ROI that is seven times more than their investment. Call us now to see what we can do for your business niche. We’ll give you more than the expectations you set your eyes on.

Dominate Online Visibility With Strategic Search Engine Marketing