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Why Backlinks are Important for SEO and How Can You Earn Quality Backlinks?

Why backlinks are important

Why Backlinks are Important for SEO?

Backlinks are basically a link that one website page to that of another. They are important because they are one of the deciding factors when it comes to organic ranking on google.  A page with a higher number of backlinks has better chances of ranking than the others. In fact, backlinks remain one of the top three factors that can help you with your page ranking. And hence, SEO services in India give major importance to this aspect among others.

Backlinks help with establishing a better domain authority since it helps brand your content as credible and useful through references by other websites.

Quality Over Quantity

Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) are the website results you get when you type a google search query. If you want your page to rank higher in this, focus more on quality backlinks. The best SEO services will focus on generating one quality backlink from a credible website of higher domain authority than focus on thousand irrelevant links from websites of low quality.

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How to Develop a Good Backlink Strategy?

There are possibilities for your site to be even penalized if you backlink with a hyper-targeted approach. Almost 90% of your focus when it comes to SEO services should revolve around content generation and only the rest 10% should be focused on your other efforts.

  • Focus on these following factors to make your efforts count
  • Domain authority of the website from which you want to generate backlinks from
  • Relevancy of the website from which you source backlinks for your business site
  • Clever positioning of anchor texts and even going for subtle positioning of branded hybrid anchor text Write blogs that cater to trending topics. Solve problems for your customers and position your keywords according to their keyword density. The top SEO companies will majorly focus on content marketing the right way through these.
  • Write headlines that stick. Make it enthusiastic enough for someone to click through and read along.
  • Try guest blogging and do it the right way by providing a lot of value.
  • Comment with improved relevancy on blogs from high domain authority sites But make sure you lead them to better value instead of spamming.
  • Make your link-building efforts diverse. 10 links from 10 different websites are better than 100 links from one.
  • Use linkable assets like videos, photos, or at least great pieces of content
  • Keep an eye out on how your immediate competitor gets links for their site. You can go to Ahref’s site explorer and choose their backlink report to avail more information
Importance of backlink in SEO

Where to Earn These Links?

Here’s a list of sites that might be useful for your link-building efforts. The best SEO services go for it and you should too!

  1. MyblogU
  2. Biz Sugar
  3. Help A Reporter Out
  4. Source Bottle
  5. Business 2 Community
  6. Growth Hackers
  7. LinkedIn
  8. Medium
  10. Quora
  11. Deviant Art
  12. Social Spark
  13. Tumblr
  14. Growth Hub
  15. Sites that offer write for us feature

Boost Your SEO Game With Us

What Can Be a Better Option for You?

Going for a professional who knows what they do might be helpful in your case. SEO tools are extremely costly and with a top SEO company, you’ll top the charts of google search ranking in no time.

No two strategies are alike and hence your website needs an individually crafted plan. Especially since backlinks remain one of the top three prominent factors to make you rank, they really need to be taken proper care of. One wrong move in a spammy site and you might be penalized by a major drop in your ranking.

Always remember that backlinks are not just something you do for the sake of it. The end goal is to make your site all the more visible to a relevant set of audiences while also improving your domain authority for the search consoles. Do not just stick to publishing content on web 2.0 sites or other online directories. Diversify your efforts with a lot of guest blogging, commenting, and other online relationship building.

Stop searching for new links all the time. Sign in to your google search console and find the links to your site from the search traffic option. Make the best use of all these sites at regular intervals to maximize your visibility efforts.

While these have worked for the best SEO services, it might not be the end of it for you. Do a lot of trial and errors to find links that work best for you or hire someone like iTrobes who can take these off your plate!