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Why Is Secure Ecommerce Web Development Important?

Importance of Secured e-commerce web development

How Security Is Important For An eCommerce Website?

Every single year eCommerce has been consistently growing at a steady rate of 23% according to BigCommerce. With such a rapid shift in the market scenarios from the conventional brick and mortar foundation to a sophisticated marketplace, it is also important that when you finally do it, you leave no loopholes for any mistakes. Here are some of the crucial security factors to consider before you hire an eCommerce web development service for migrating your business online.

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1. Hackers Are On The Run

The most vulnerable segment of the internet that is easy for manipulate in the hands of potential hackers has been the eCommerce segment. Almost 33% of the cyber-attacks happen in this vertical and if this takes you by surprise, it definitely should!

Huge sums of money are involved here, almost 4 trillion dollars in sales each year in eCommerce has put a lot of financial fraudsters on their best games. These can happen to your business if you develop an eCommerce site without prior considerations or planning. One malware attack will be just enough to shut down your digital dreams forever.

2. Financial Losses

This can be one of your major headaches if you fail to find your right fit as you surf around looking for cheap eCommerce web development services. Remember, it is an investment that you make in your potential future business. Do not miss out on bigger things by gambling a buck or two today.

Credit card frauds and fake returns and refunds have become common even with big players. With a proper eCommerce web developer, you can integrate extremely secure encrypted payment gateway modules as you develop your shopping platform. You can even avail of an Address Verification System for added security for shipping.

3. Competitive Bots

This has become common where your competitors can potentially scavenge you. Your direct competitors can hack your entire inventory for your pricing details and can substantially downplay you by modifying their own prices for the same products that you offer. Impersonators, the man in the middle, hackers, and scrapers are all hungry to let your business down soon as you enter.

4. User Privacy Or Comfort

Spamming can also commonly happen in common forums within the like the review section, in the comments, or in the chatbox plugins that you use. By posting malware links, they can lead your customers to virus attacks or incur data losses. This can strike off your credibility and create a negative impression. Your user base might never come back to you once they encounter a major bad experience.

Secured ecommerce website

What Can You Do To Prevent Yourself From All These Security Concerns?

Simple, by getting the foundation right. There are plenty of eCommerce web development services available. But always go for a vendor who is backed by experience and expertise in this field. Here are 4 major mistakes that you should keep an eye out to avoid as you develop your platform:

1. Choosing The Wrong Platform

There are multiple eCommerce platforms where you can build your online shopping store. Choosing the right functionalities, the exact bandwidths to handle your stock inventory, a self-manageable dashboard without requiring technical assistance for everything might all seem small but are yet significant. It can decide your business efficiency and how profitable you are in the longer run.

2. Building Without An End Goal

While eCommerce has been beneficial for a lot of verticals, it may or may not be for you. Analyze your market fit and understand your consumer behavior before jumping in head-first. Have a look at what your competitors have been doing and prepare a plan to do it better.

An eCommerce store that is developed without a concrete marketing plan is just a waste of time, money, and energy. You don’t simply create a website for nothing. You need customers if you want to make a profit. Create a clear-cut branding strategy that can complement your whole digital venture.

With the right developers, this comes together as a package so you don’t have to worry about exceeding investments.

3. Going For Cheap Work Without Quality

There can be a thousand agencies that you can find as you spend an hour or two on the internet. But look keenly at the details. Ask the right questions before you hire someone to take care of your shopping platform.

Look for their previous works, enquire about the client testimonies, ask them about the marketing strategy that they used before the launch, talk to them about the data insights that they’ve had like the number of average visitors. All of these can give you a picture of the agency before you kick-start your efforts.

It is indeed a must to talk in terms of numbers, but these numbers don’t always have to start with the quote they are going to charge you. Ask them the numbers about their previous success rates in the eCommerce market and you’ll then understand what you are paying for.

4. Not Developing For The End-User

This can be a major flaw. Remember, your eCommerce is not for you to look at it and be satisfied with. It is for the end-user to like it enough to make a purchase with you. Optimize every corner of it for user flexibility. Give more importance to the products you offer instead of just talking about you and your brand everywhere.

Make the entire shopping process easy. Avoid leading the user to multiple pages after they’ve added something to their cart and have initiated the checkout procedure. Use simple payment gateways. Offer plenty of payment options to make it easy for them.Most importantly, optimize it for mobile usage. Make it as responsive as it can be. The simpler the UI/UX, the better will be your conversion rate.

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