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How Much Does A WordPress Website Cost In Australia?


WordPress Website Cost In Australia

A website represents a commitment of your enterprise towards its customers. It serves as the initial point of contact between clients and your company. WordPress is the best choice for building a website for your business. But how much does a WordPress website cost in Australia? The custom WordPress website price in Australia might range from $1,000 to $20,000.

However, several factors come into play to determine Australia’s overall WordPress website cost. This blog will guide you through all the factors in creating a WordPress website in Australia. It lets you make well-informed choices on your website building cost and successfully manage your online presence.

Factors To Consider While You Calculate Your WordPress Website Costs In 2024

Domain Name ($10 To $ 20 Per Year)

A domain name for a website is more than simply an internet address. It greatly affects your success on the internet. But how much do you have to spend for your domain name? It mainly depends on the Top Level Domain (TDL) and your selected provider.

The most common TDLs are .com, .au,, .net, .org, and so on. Some examples of providers are GoDaddy, BlueHost, Google Domain and You can reduce the WordPress website cost by buying a domain name and web hosting together.

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Web Hosting ($3 To $30 Per Month)

Buying web hosting services for your domain is the next expense. You can choose from the following three hostings:

Shared Web Hosting

This web hosting is less expensive since you share hosting servers and services with other companies. However, occasionally the server may experience issues that result in increased website unavailability and the loss of potential customers to your competitors.

Dedicated Web Hosting

Though this hosting is more costly, dedicated servers will give your website unique tools and services and guarantee that it never goes down.

Managed Hosting

Businesses that specialize in WordPress websites are managed by WordPress hosting providers. In addition to offering extra services like automatic upgrades and specialized technical assistance, they carefully configure their servers for the WordPress platform.

Any additional services or features included with the WordPress website packages in Australia also affect the cost of web hosting.

Themes ($0 To $100 Per Theme Or Year)

The theme is the backbone of your website design. You can use WordPress’s vast selection of free themes. You can locate free WordPress themes using your admin panel after installing the platform. However, free themes typically lack the capabilities to create a WordPress website packed with features.

Installing a paid premium theme is a preferable option in these situations. Premium theme plugins and widgets increase functionality and give your website a more polished look. Here are some benefits of the Premium theme:

Advanced Customization & Website Building

Built-in features like page builders simplify design and reduce plugin reliance (e.g., Flatsome’s page builder).

Dedicated Support

Get direct help from your website development agency via phone or email, skipping forum searches.

Regular Updates & Security Fixes

Enjoy guaranteed updates with security patches and functionality improvements.

If you need such premium themes, you can choose from the most well-liked WordPress themes Enfold, Divi, and Avada. Usually, the price ranges from $30 to $100, depending on the chosen theme’s style.

WordPress Website Cost Australia

Plugins ($40 To $200 For One-Time Purchase Or Recurring)

Plugins have a major impact on how well your WordPress website functions. While some plugins are free, some have an annual cost. Numerous plugins are available to improve the security, user interaction, speed, and optimization of your website. These are a few illustrations of the most well-liked plugins that can be bought to enhance your website.

  • Yoast SEO: It helps to raise the total SEO score of the website’s blog and page.
  • JetPack: It is a combination of security, performance, and growth tools.
  • Really Simple SSL: It helps to improve the security of the website.
  • WPForms: It helps to create newsletters, surveys, forms, and more.
  • VaultPress: It offers security, backups, and SSL certificates if needed.

Security And SSL ($50 To $100 Per Month/Year)

What builds customer trust in your website? It is a Security. When customers explore or shop on a secure website, they feel more confident. When security certifications are visible, it encourages users to utilize your website without concern.

You can choose to pay a one-time cost or subscribe to a monthly subscription to receive the SSL certificate for basic security technologies. A more sophisticated security system will set you back thousands of dollars yearly, while a simple protection plan will just set you back $50.

Maintenance And Updates ($25 To $10,000 Per Hour/ Month)

Your WordPress website needs regular upkeep and upgrades to provide a distinctive and excellent user experience. It is necessary to invest in plugins because they receive updates frequently to address faults and enhance performance.

Your monthly or annual budget will be changed if your WordPress website and plugins get handled by an internal team. On the other hand, if you hire a vendor, the price will vary based on the size of your website and the extent of the labor involved. You also choose a design agency for maintenance and updates. WordPress website design agency will charge a monthly fee, while a freelancer will charge an hourly rate.

Overall Range Of WordPress Website Cost In Australia

The following table shows the approximate price range of each factor to consider while building your WordPress websites in Australia:

Important FactorsPrice Range
Plugins$40 to 200 for one-time purchases or recurring
Web Hosting$3 to $30 Per Month
Domain Name$10 to $ 20 Per Year
Security and SSL$50 to $100 Per Month/Year
Maintenance and Updates $25 to $10,000 Per Hour/ Month
Themes $0 to $100 Per Theme or Year

Partner With iTrobes To Craft Your WordPress Website

Outlining the requirements for your website is the most crucial step in estimating your approximate website cost. You can construct a WordPress website on your budget and save costly expenses with the help of experienced website design services. You can also use iTrobes, an affordable WordPress website development company in Australia. It is the best solution to reduce the overall cost of a WordPress website in Australia.

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