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How Much Does WordPress Website Maintenance Cost?

WordPress website maintenance cost

What To Consider The WordPress Website Maintenance Cost In 2024?

WordPress is one of the simplest and most popular platforms to create a website or blog. As per a survey, more than 43.3 percent of websites are built with WordPress. As WordPress is an open-source content management system, it is important to effectively maintain it. The WordPress website maintenance cost can range differently based on the type of business and the designs. The development of a WordPress website can be done by anyone, even non-developers.

One of the major advantages of WordPress is that the WordPress website cost is only for hosting, and not for using the software. Also, several open-source plugins and themes are available to change the website’s look and functions.

Once we install WordPress software, what will be the WordPress website maintenance cost? What are the monthly, annual, or hourly WordPress website maintenance prices in 2024? And, what is WordPress website maintenance?

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Detailed Guide On WordPress Website Maintenance Cost

On average, the WordPress website maintenance cost will be anywhere between $5 to $120 per month or $40 to $1200 yearly in 2024. This depends on the size of the website where large and popular website maintenance will be costlier. When WordPress is installed things seem simple and intuitive, and work is done regularly. Once the publishing process is ongoing, some changes start happening which can’t be resolved. Problems like the plugin asking for an update, the theme being out of date, WordPress software having to be updated, one update doesn’t go so well, and now you have errors. This makes it difficult to understand where to start with regular WordPress maintenance.

WordPress Website TypesMonthly WordPress Website Maintenance CostYearly WordPress Website Maintenance Cost
Personal websiteFrom $4From $40
Business websiteFrom $8From $80
Corporate websiteFrom $12From $120
Entertainment websiteFrom $16From $160
eCommerce websiteFrom $20From $200

Before we dive into knowing the WordPress website maintenance cost, let us quickly understand how a business can benefit from WordPress website development.

Benefits Of The Best WordPress Website Maintenance Packages For A Business

WordPress, a content management system (CMS), is the perfect software for entrepreneurs and companies to showcase their products and services, rank in search engines, and market their brands to prospective customers.

A Few Of The Benefits Of WordPress Are:

  • WordPress is 100 percent free of cost
  • Hosting the WordPress website is easy
  • WordPress has a variety of inbuilt themes
  • The website can be developed by anyone without any coding knowledge
  • Adding website content is hassle-free
  • Maintaining and updating is easy
  • Easy-to-use plugins

Benefits of WordPress Website Maintenance Packages


Key Factors Determining the WordPress Website Maintenance Cos

Domain Name

A domain name is compulsory that has the website address for the visitors to enter in the browser for accessing the site. Once the domain name is chosen it cannot be altered. The cost of a domain name is mainly based on its extension. A domain name can be registered for one year and renewed accordingly.

Web Hosting

Web Hosting is a space offered by hosting providers for website owners to store data and files. The web hosting provider and hosting plan selected affect the WordPress website cost. It is essential to consider the WordPress website maintenance cost before opting for a hosting plan.

The monthly WordPress website maintenance prices will be higher if a shorter plan is chosen. There are different types of web hosting like Shared Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, WordPress Hosting, and WooCommerce Hosting.

SSL Certificate

SSL or Secure Sockets Layer is a data transfer protocol that provides encrypted communication between a web server and a web browser. The benefits of an SSL certificate on a website include enhanced security, data privacy, and improved ranking on search engines. Websites that process sensitive user information like passwords or card details should have an SSL certificate. To know if the website has an SSL certificate, look for a padlock icon before its URL or “HTTPS” before the domain name.

Tech Support

A customer support team is a must to resolve queries or issues. The different types of tech support are, live chats, email ticketing system, phone service, knowledge database, and community forums.

Free live chat and email support are provided with each web hosting plan. These support resources will be beneficial in reducing the monthly WordPress website maintenance costs.


A WordPress plugin is an extension that increases the features and functionality of a website. There are 58,000 plus free options and excellent WordPress plugins. Installing a plugin is essential for maintaining the website and reducing your site maintenance costs, consider installing a plugin. Some of the best free plugins to reduce the WordPress website maintenance costs are W3 Total Cache, and Sucuri Security, which scans for malware for better WordPress website security.

Marketing And SEO

Marketing and SEO strategies are important to drive traffic to the website. Publishing up-to-date and good quality content like articles, videos, content, and photos attracts the target audience, establishes credibility, boosts search engine rankings, and generates leads.

A few strategies that can be implemented are Search engine optimization, Content marketing, Email marketing, and Social media marketing.

Steps To Reduce The WordPress Website Maintenance Cost

  • Create a calendar of WordPress maintenance procedures to remind getting a maintenance job on your WordPress site regularly.
  • Once in three months or a maximum of six months check with WordPress for updates and upgrades
  • Check on any spelling mistakes or errors in internal, external, or permalinks that might have some 404-page errors and needs cleaning up. Based on the number of links, check your site for dead links every six months to a year.
  • Check the WordPress website for any upgrades, news, events, or information you may need to know as a WordPress user.
  • Though some plugins will delete comment spam from your database after a specific time, not all do. To delete all current comment spam entries run this query on your WordPress database with phpMyAdmin on the SQL page.
  • Back up the WordPress site, both on the website host server and your computer. Schedule site updates, depending upon the frequency of new posts and articles, about every six months so your site will stay fresh and alive.
  • Schedule validation tests on site to keep it in top working condition and keep up with any changes or deprecations of the CSS and HTML standards.

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